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Whispers In The Wind
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From Where I Stand

As I stand on the crest of my life,
My mind is bombarded with thoughts;
They are caught in the vortex of times,
Some will stay and some will be lost.

My thoughts are penned in black and white,
I am writing as fast as I can;
Trying to tell you how I feel,
And how it looks from where I stand.

We all march to different drumbeats,
Only God knows the heart of a man;
I cannot speak for all the world,
Just from the point from where I stand.


The Child Inside

There's a stormy soul within my breast,
From inside the darkness calls;
No one hears my crys but me,
Then my teardrops start to fall.

I try to hide my broken heart,
As my duties I must keep;
But when I go to bed at night,
The child inside me softly weeps.


Washed Away

On the horizon were heavy, black clouds,
My grief was waitng for me;
Like a fatal rose trying to bloom,
Hung the knowledge of what was to be.

You seemed like a foreign land to me,
When I lived within your bounds;
Among your words, actions and deeds,
I was washed away and drowned.

Broken Heart

Somewhere in time on no special date,
The love that we shared turned into hate;
The uncertaintiy I felt year after year,
Created in me a monster of fear.

A broken heart is a painful thing,
To the bits and pieces we desperately cling;
Where the sounds of laughter used to be,
There is only an echo of you and me.


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