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Where Shadows Dwell

Robert Louis Stevenson closes one of his prayers with these words: " Help us with the grace of courage that we be none of us cast down while we sit lamenting over the ruins of our happiness. Touch us with the fire of Thine altar, that we may be up and doing, to rebuild our city."

Oh, America, America,
May we always take pride in thee;
We have had our faith and freedom,
Now may we keep our dignity.

May we always stand up for you,
And lift you up to God
Asking Him to keep at bay,
The evils from our sod.

Oh, America, America,
Our land of liberty;
Together, united, we must stand,
If we are going to keep you free

Marie Pitts


A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

The hour is desperately dark, your flame is needed

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