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What do yo know about bees?


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How many do you think you can get right ?

1). How fast can a Honey Bee fly ?
2). How many eggs does a Queen Bee lay in one day ?
3). What do Honey Bees do in winter ?
4). How many bees are inside the hive during the honey season ?
5). Who was the famous actor that kept beehives ?
6). How long does a Worker Bee live in the spring/summer ?
7). How much nectar does a Honey Bee collect on one flight ?
8). How far does a hive of Honey Bees fly to bring us one pound of honey ?
9). How much honey (fuel) would it take for a Honey Bee to fly one trip around the world ?
10).150 pounds of honey would fuel how many trips for a Honey Bee to fly to the moon ?
11).What is the average yield of two Bee Hives in the in the U.S.A. ?

Trivia answers

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